Students with a disability


Neurodiverse Students

For neurodiverse students their life journey begins with Special Education Programs at Tamborine Mountain State School (TMSS).

The program aims

By creating a supportive environment through the Special Education Programs at Tamborine Mountain State School (TMSS), children are offered flexible, needs-based opportunities reflecting a rich, whole-child centred approach to engagement and learning. The Special Education Program Centre (SEPC) provides academic, behavioural, motor skills and social skills support to selected neurodiverse students so that they can access an inclusive education within Tamborine Mountain State School and throughout the wider community.

The team

Our team is led by a full-time Head of Special Education Services (HOSES) and supported by a dedicated team of special education teachers and inclusion teacher aides. SEPC staff offer a structured, safe, nurturing environment to support learning. The team works closely with classroom and specialist teachers to cater for the diverse needs of each learner. We strive to provide learning and life opportunities to allow each student to reach their potential.

Who do we support?

Currently the Special Education Programs (SEP) support neurodiverse students diagnosed and verified with a range of conditions. Students commencing the verification process may be supported at the Principal's discretion. Visiting specialist teachers attend the school and provide additional support to some students with low incidence disabilities. Students requiring occupational and physiotherapy support to access the curriculum are assessed and prioritised by the Department of Education's visiting therapy team.

We value the contribution of all stakeholders and focus on building collaborative, personalised relationships between home and school to support the unique needs of each student.

How do we support students?

Teaching and learning are based on a blend of inclusion and small group instruction ensuring a planned, differentiated curriculum to meet individual needs.

At TMSS students participate in a variety of programs to fit their specific skills and learning needs. The majority of the students remain in class with teacher aide and specialist teacher support in specific curriculum areas. Some students work in a small group setting for core curriculum areas, returning to their class for other activities.

What form can support take?

Each student's current and future needs are addressed through Individual Support Plans (ISPs). These are developed collaboratively in a supportive and caring environment with the student (where appropriate), parent/guardian, special education teachers, teacher aides, visiting teachers, guidance officer and class teacher. The ISP identifies priority goals for the student, together with curriculum outcomes, strategies and responsibilities.

What facilities do we have?

The SEPC has 1 large and 3 small teaching spaces, a multi-sensory learning space, a kitchen, bathroom facilities and 2 offices. There is a secure outdoor play area with 4 distinct zones (sensory, sand, hardcourt and grass). It is centrally located in the school campus and is open to all students at both break times.

What are the features of our support program?

Tamborine Mountain State School's Special Education Program provides: 

  • A team who has worked in the field and the school for many years 
  • Targeted English, Mathematics and Social Skills Programs catering for a range of learning levels
  • Break Time Support Programs for students who need additional support at these times
  • Case Management of every student by Special Education Program Teachers to ensure that every child receives an educational program appropriate to their needs and development
  • A “safe place" or “calm down room" for students to retreat to when feeling overwhelmed, anxious or experiencing a melt down
  • Anxiety and anger management programs for students who have behavioural challenges
  • Students in Year 6 are offered a transition program at the local high school to facilitate a smooth transition to Year 7
  • Preparation for camp programs for selected neurodiverse students attending school camps
  • Special Education Program support for students during Variation to School Routine activities such as incursions, excursions, camps and swimming and sport carnivals
  • Safety, Mobility and Risk Management Plans for selected Special Education Program students
  • An Animals as Therapy program is in place (reading dog) to support student well-being. ​

Further information?

Contact the Head of Special Education Services to discuss the support needs for your child.

Last reviewed 07 May 2021
Last updated 07 May 2021