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​​​The Department of Education recognises that good decision-making often occurs at a local level through direct engagement with the needs and aspirations of the school community.

School Councils are the primary mechanism for ensuring these needs and aspirations are addressed. School Councils contribute to the strategic leadership of the school and act as the bridge between the school and its local community including staff, parents, governments, community groups and local business and industry.

With the freedom to respond to community needs and through the use of local expertise, school councils are well-positioned to embrace innovation to maximise student learning outcomes.

School Councils play an important role in reviewing and/or approving school-based innovations such as: working autonomously with local businesses, industry and other community organisations, leading to innovative models for sponsorship, industry and infrastructure partnerships contributing strategically to the shape of curriculum offerings that suit the needs of students, for example: extracurricular programs, gateway programs and centres of excellence using local flexibility over finance and human resources to ensure resourcing and staffing plans meet local needs the development, use and sharing of facilities and resources.

To contact the school council please email:

Council positions are for a 2 year appointment. Elections are held annually. This is now a fully established and cyclical ‘half senate’ model that maintains renewal and stability in the organisation. The School Principal and President of the P&C are automatic seat-holders on the school council.

Council members

TMSS Principal

Scott ​​​- TMSS P&C President ​​

Michael Taylor  Parent Rep (CHAIR)

Maria Gallaher - TMSS Staff (Non-Teaching)

Jo de Bruyn - TMSS Staff (Teaching)

Samantha Schneider - Parent rep sschn23​​

​Tracey Acton - Apponted member



  • Greater flexibility around training and retaining quality staff
  • Greater opportunity to shape the assessment, curriculum & reporting to our students' needs
  • Greater opportunity to invest in school-community based partnerships and explore sponsorship possibilities
  • Work with other schools to share innovations, best practice and successes, staff and resources
  • Establishment of a School Council – community and school representatives working together to guide the strategic direction of our school



  • Created Tamborine Mountain Learning Academy (Partnership –TMSS, TMSHS, Griffith and Swinburne Universities). Acknowledged by the then Director General (Jim Waterston) as a "Game Changer for TMSS students".
  • Created specialist Science and Digital Technologies classes and teaching spaces – giving our Primary students the start they need in STEM related subjects which are largely shaping the future employment markets (Some of the $50 000 IPS funding is used to support the purchase of one of the specialist teachers)
  • Created Young Scholars classes in Years 4-6 (High potential and High performing students)



  • 2020 TMSS Principal (Jason) named as one of  "The 10 Most Inspiring Educational Leaders in Australia -2020" ("The Knowledge Review" International Magazine)
  • 2020 TMSS Principal (Jason) named as one of the most influential educators in Australia ("The Educator Australia" magazine)
  • 2019 TMSS Principal (Jason) named as finalist – Primary Principal of the Year (Australian Education Awards)
  • 2019 TMSS named as finalist in Narragunnawali Reconciliation Action Plan Awards
  • 2019 TMSS named as finalist – Innovation in Curriculum Design (Australian Education Awards)
  • 2019 TMSS named as finalist – Government Primary School of the Year (Australian Education Awards)
  • 2018 TMSS named as winner – Government Primary School of the Year (Australian Education Awards)
  • 2018 TMSS named as finalist – Department of Education Showcase Awards (Innovation in Curriculum and Indigenous Education)
  • Student academic results have improved across all areas.
  • Student interest in STEM related subjects is very high.
  • Prior knowledge of STEM related complex subject matter and the academic performance of our students when they attend high school is very high.
  • Staff, student and parent School Opinion Survey results are always well above state and like-school means.
  • We have retained 100% of our contract teachers and transitioned them to permanent jobs either at TMSS or in neighbouring schools. The Beginning and New Teacher Induction Framework we developed has been acknowledged in a School Improvement Review as first-class. The training and support we provide for our new and beginning teachers is extensive. We use some of the IPS funding to support release and professional development time for our staff.
  • We have shared our innovations and best practices at two IPS conferences with over 200 IPS and non-IPS school leaders

Council documents

Last reviewed 20 July 2023
Last updated 20 July 2023