TMSS's Reconciliation Action Plan - Vision

Tamborine Mountain State School's vision is to respectfully continue our unique Reconciliation journey, as guided by the local Elders and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. We stand with the Elders and community upon the bridge between past history and future opportunities, and we will move forward with shared knowledge and understanding for the benefit of our entire community.

We will endeavour to understand and embrace the proper way of respecting the land, each other and all living things so that our children may continue to learn and grow, developing their own culturally enriched living stories. 

We will demonstrate and model respect to all, employing genuine Acknowledgement of Country in classrooms, in meetings and at school events. We will ensure that everyone feels safe, valued and accepted as we work together in common unity.

We will welcome local Elders to be authentically involved in our school community and to deliver Welcome to Country at significant school and community events.

We will continue to honour the knowledge and stories entrusted to us, and continue to learn with open minds and hearts.

In the true spirit of Reconciliation, we will continue growing connection with the land, the spirit of the Elders and all living things.We will continue to develop strong connections with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and students, acknowledging and valuingtheir wisdom, knowledge and strengths.

Tamborine Mountain State School will stand on the bridge with Elders, respecting and honouring the histories, cultures and contributions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians as part of our shared national story and identity. We will move forward together to create a happy, healthy and culturally enriched future for all of our students and community, where everyone shares a sense of belonging.

Where is the school?

Tamborine Mountain State School is located on Tamborine Mountain - the community on the hill in the Gold Coast Hinterland. Our school is roughly 30 minutes' drive from the Gold Coast and approximately an hour's drive from Brisbane. Tamborine Mountain is home to national park and lush green rural countryside. It is one of the most visited day trip destinations in Australia.

When did it open?

Tamborine Mountain State School grew from humble beginnings. In 1898, William Geissman moved to the mountain with his family. They built their house and called it 'Capo di Monte'. Education was a high priority, so William wrote to the Department of Public Instruction offering a small cottage as the schoolhouse. On February 2 1900, Provisional School No. 913-Tamborine Mountain State School was opened. The school celebrated its centenary in 2000, and 110 years in 2010.

School motto?

''Strive for the Highest' has been the school motto for over 100 years, and inspires learners to aim high in their endeavours. To 'Strive for the Highest' is to aim for excellence. Tamborine Mountain is a safe, happy and friendly school focused on developing creative learners, achieving excellence, respect and responsibility. Our school logo depicts the regent bowerbird. This elusive creature is native to Australia and can be found in the beautiful Tamborine Mountain rainforest.

Last reviewed 07 April 2020
Last updated 07 April 2020